The Evolution of the Nintendo Gameboy

The Game Boy is a portal video game console that was created by Nintendo. After years of experience, Nintendo released less successful portable gaming solutions. The Game Boy started when Nintendo developed the Game & Watch mobile console. This console wasn’t as successful as the Game Boy for many reasons. The controls were very awkward and the selection of quality video games were poor. The double screen of the Game & Watch was also very dark in most environments and lost a lot of detail from the games.

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Reasons Why the Virtual Boy Wasn’t a Success

The Virtual Boy was ahead of its time. It featured the entirely new concept of virtual reality. The idea was for people to be able to play and interact with their body while experiencing the senses that they would experience in real life, such as vision. However, there were a couple of things that Nintendo did that ended up coming short.

For one, the Virtual Boy was released at a time where the video game market was exploding. This sounds like it would be a good idea at first, Read more »

The Super NES and Its Best Games

Few video game consoles have defined the gaming culture as much as the Super NES. While there have been countless other options before and after this console, the super NES and the iconic games that it came with helped to define generations of video game players. These are some of the most influential titles that have ever been released on the Super NES console.

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Best Racing Video Games

Insatiable curiosity makes a person wonder what were some of the best racing games in history? Better yet, which of the games were a blast with Internet service? If a person wants to know the answer to some of these burning questions, then it is important to have good Internet service providers.

What this will do is it will make the experience even better because a person can play online against other racers at an Internet speed that is not slow.

Need For Speed-Most Wanted

Hands down, one of the most successful racing games ever made. One of the things that made Need for Speed-Most Wanted such a successful game was the excitement. Having to outrun the police while racing against other racers was a blast. Now people can even play the Need for Speed games on their phones and play against other players with 4g Internet

Mario Kart

What made Mario Kart such a blast was that people could pick up various weapons and fire them at opponents. It was a fun game to play against friends because there was a friendly rivalry going on when playing this game.

Gran Turismo

This was a popular game amongst racing gamers because they loved the options for excellent cars. What made Gran Turismo unique was the realistic engine noises ad realistic racing in general. A person who plays Gran Turismo is in for a fun time.

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Testing out skills against players with real intelligence is also more fun. Wireless Internet is a good choice when playing these games.

What makes racing video games fun is the fast paced excitement that is hard to match with other video games.

A History on Mario, Nintendo’s Mascot

Mario can be easily called the most famous video game character of all time. He has appeared in hundreds of games as well as showing up in other media such as television, books, and comics.

Mario was created in 1981 by Shigeru Miyamoto who was trying to create a bestselling game. Mario’s first appearance was in Donkey Kong in which he was known as the carpenter, Jumpman. Miyamoto then changed his name to Mr. Video. He didn’t Read more »

Top Ten Classic 80′s NES Games

Top Ten Classic 80′s NES Games

10. Dragon Warrior (1989)

A slime appears! This early role-playing game was the first in a long series of games in the Dragon Quest franchise. While simplistic, the role-playing style was still new to many, as this game was one of the first in its genre.

9. Double Dragon (1988)

This “beat ‘em up” game was based on the original arcade version. In the NES version you play as martial artist Billy Lee, who is on a mission to Read more »

All the Specs on the Nintendo Entertainment System

First released into the American market in 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the era’s must-own gaming console, and remains perhaps the most popular and beloved video game system of all time.

At the time of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s release, it boasted some impressive technology. The console’s eight-bit processor was able to deliver graphics at a resolution of 256 pixels by 240 pixels, with a palette of 48 colors and six shades of gray. This allowed developers to create more vibrant game worlds than the previous generation of gaming machines had been capable of, Read more »

Selling Hanafuda Cards: Nintendo’s Start in 1889

In 1889, a company named Nintendo Koppai began manufacturing Hanafuda Japanese playing cards in Kyoto. Those that aren’t too familiar with Hanafuda might want to consider the fact that the kanji used to spell the word in Japanese can be read as flower cards. The games played with the decks are dynamic and physically quite colorful.

The earliest cards were handcrafted and actually painted onto mulberry bark. Hanafuda cards started to pick up in gambling parlors, and Nintendo was set to conquer the world of playing cards. However, a visit to the Read more »

The Beginnings of Nintendo: A History of the Company

Almost thirty years ago Nintendo released their first international console the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and it has revolutionized the gaming world. While there are several other gaming systems available now, they all owe their success to one degree or another to Nintendo for opening the door to console gaming.

The first console from Nintendo came with Super Mario Brothers, which is still a gaming icon today, and it has dozens of spin-offs and sequels. Following the NES came the Read more »