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Grab your weapons and 11 buddies, and prepare to experience Blitz Brigade Hack, a brand new multiplayer FPS hack supplied by playberries. Way in The month of january we spoken about Blitz Brigade, an approaching team FPS from Gameloft.  The overall game, that is a total rip of Team Fortress 2 coupled with Battleground Heros (nothing like this is a bad factor), appears like lots of bloody fun. One of my favorite game now that IS NOT nintendo, I know, don’t kill me please. Occur World war 2, the disposable to experience title is going to be centered on… Read the rest >>

Best Racing Video Games

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Here are some of my favorite list of Racing Games! Need For Speed-Most Wanted Hands down, one of the most successful racing games ever made. One of the things that made Need for Speed-Most Wanted such a successful game was the excitement. Having to outrun the police while racing against other racers was a blast. Now people can even play the Need for Speed games on their phones and play against other players with 4g Internet Mario Kart What made Mario Kart such a blast was that people could pick up various weapons and fire them at opponents. It was… Read the rest >>

All the Specs on the Nintendo Entertainment System

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First released into the American market in 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System was the era’s must-own gaming console, and remains perhaps the most popular and beloved video game system of all time. At the time of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s release, it boasted some impressive technology. The console’s eight-bit processor was able to deliver graphics at a resolution of 256 pixels by 240 pixels, with a palette of 48 colors and six shades of gray. This allowed developers to create more vibrant game worlds than the previous generation of gaming machines had been capable of, and, coupled with the console’s… Read the rest >>

Top Ten Classic 80′s NES Games

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Top Ten Classic 80′s NES Games 10. Dragon Warrior (1989) A slime appears! This early role-playing game was the first in a long series of games in the Dragon Quest franchise. While simplistic, the role-playing style was still new to many, as this game was one of the first in its genre. 9. Double Dragon (1988) This “beat ‘em up” game was based on the original arcade version. In the NES version you play as martial artist Billy Lee, who is on a mission to defeat his rival and brother, Jimmy. The game’s success not only spawned several sequels and… Read the rest >>

A History on Mario, Nintendo’s Mascot

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Mario can be easily called the most famous video game character of all time. He has appeared in hundreds of games as well as showing up in other media such as television, books, and comics. Mario was created in 1981 by Shigeru Miyamoto who was trying to create a bestselling game. Mario’s first appearance was in Donkey Kong in which he was known as the carpenter, Jumpman. Miyamoto then changed his name to Mr. Video. He didn’t expect Mr.Video to be a hit so he planned to use him as a character to appear in other games with small parts… Read the rest >>

Bigger, Better DSi Model Exposed

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Recently, Nintendo has revealed it’s next revision of the DSi, the DSi XL. This new model has already hit the streets in Japan (known as the DSi LL) and it’s headed to North America the first quarter of 2010. The new DSi XL screen is significantly larger than the current DSi and boasts a 4.2″ screen making it 93% larger. Screen resolution has stayed the same and battery life has been slightly increased. The new DSi XL will come packaged with 2 different styli; the traditional thin stylus and a large rounded stylus that looks very similar to an ink… Read the rest >>